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LEAGUE ADMINISTRATORS - Put Soccerbot to work on your leagues.. Efficiently manage your fixtures, clubs, teams, players, venues, referees.. publish active league tables(tm) and results on the Internet more info
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All the leagues covered by Soccerbot are available as databases which you can view and analyse on your own PC using Soccerbot software.
- designed by football fans for football fans-

How it works;

1.Install Soccerbot Server(TM)on your computer.
Windows95 & 3.1 software that allows you enter club, results and fixture information about each division in your league. Having entered the details ONCE, Soccerbot then lets you analyse and publish current information on the net or print it.
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2. Enter result information as fixtures are played
Each division in your league is contained in a Soccerbot database or SDB, As you enter new results each database is refreshed. Soccerbot then allows 'at a click' access to all the details.

2. Update your Website regularly
Every time matches are played you can update the results onto web pages that Soccerbot will automatically create and publish on the web mastery required from you, just leave it all to Soccerbot

Attention League Administrators!
Soccerbot has years of experience in football league administration.
We publish up to the minute league tables & results for all of the world's top football leagues.
We serve a growing worldwide internet football public with a unique distributed database system dedicated to football at ALL levels.
We have experience in dealing with the needs of amateur football leagues who want to make information technology and computers work for them.

With this experience and expertise we have designed Soccerbot Server (TM) software to make the job of managing a football league throughout a season easier for you.

Soccerbot Server puts you in control of...;

- club information...player registration, yellow/red cards, club venue details, club secretary details, club strip.
- fixture information...fixture allocation resloves date/ref/venue/team conflicts, edit fixtures with new info.
- entering results...scorlines, score details (optional), at a click access to any fixture, fixture sort.
- instant league table generation...customise your tables to suit your needs, detailed 'at a click' analyses.
- web your entire site using the power of Soccerbot or add up to the minute facts to an existing one.
- printouts...league tables, results, fixture details, top scorers.

* more inforation on any of the above?
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At Soccerbot we recognise the fact that you, league administrators, are the experts in running a football league...
our expertise is in making computers work for people like you...
this means that you DON'T need to be a computer expert to make Soccerbot work for your league. Just enter result and fixture information in an, easy to use, on screen fixture editor and the rest is done by Soccerbot, but controlled by you!

If you would like more details about how Soccerbot could work for your league, however big or small it is, we welcome any enquiries
* a few basic details about your league will help us to answer your enquiries, i.e. number of divisions, number of teams per division (approx) and any other details you wish to include.

Attention League Administrators!
However big or small your league may be, a great deal of time and effort is required to run it smoothly. The more infromed your members are, the more vibrant your league will be.

Soccerbot is internet intelligent software that is 100% dedicated to football. Running your league using S.M.A.R.T system means that soccerbot is 100% dedicated to your league. All members and fans of your league association can run Soccerbot on their computer and receive all the latest results and scorer information as soon as you make it available on the results server. They can analyse in detail the facts and figures The league administrator can have complete control of what information goes into the database and also how that information is distributed and to whom. Team managers can analyse their team's form in a number of ways and can view detailed from guides to the other teams in the league. Players can see the deatils on any goals they may have scored on their own computer or they can check the details of their next match kick off time etc. Fans can follow the league literally from anywhere in the world. SoccerBot can bring a local league to life like never before. SoccerBot is comprehensive football league management system and a football program no serious fan of football should be without.

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Once running the smart system you will have a huge amount of information which is easily accessible to you and your association. The next step is to select the bits you would like the rest of the world to know about and publish your website. Soccerbot allows you, as the league administrator, to publish and daily refresh web pages packed with league tables, results, fixtures, scorer info, news from your association, notice boards, feedback from visitors, links to other sites, etc. Because Soccerbot takes care of all the nuts and bolts of achieving such an impressive task you are free to concentrate on league administration issues as opposed to technical difficulties/nightmares! Your league's website is always fresh and up to date and you're in control of it. If you already have a website Soccerbot is an invaluable tool for keeping it right up to date with ALL the facts and figures.

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Soccerbot allows you print from the fixture/results and league tables. Print last week's results, next week's fixtures, daily league tables etc. for noticeboard display, distribution, match programs, match reports and so on. Your members with the Soccerbot client software for your league also have this facility.

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Using the SMART system you can input fixture details and generate the seasons fixture list. League tables are generated continually as new results are entered. Entering the details is made easy by the intuitive interface. The database fills up as the season progresses and becomes a reliable archive(both online and offline) from which the Soccerbot client software feeds for information.

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With your league's website up and running, results fixture info, club info, club news, can all be directed back to you through email or through the website feedback forms. The website becomes a valuable tool for collecting information as well as distributing it. Soccerbot puts you in a position to control the flow of information.

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Club information such as venue information, club contact details club colours, etc. can be entered into the system providing valuable information for administration purposes.

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