Cleary Landscapes & Pitch Maintenance Division One 2010/2011
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Form Table (Last 6 weeks)PldPtsAvg
1MCR FC133.0
2Glenview Stars372.3
3Chaffpool United231.5
4Leitrim Villa561.2
5Boyle Celtic Res.111.0
6Aclare Celtic111.0
7Western Rovers210.5
8Strand Celtic Res.210.5
9Real Tubber Res.000.0
10Grange Utd.100.0

Predicted Final TablePldPts
1Chaffpool United1845
2Boyle Celtic Res.1837
3MCR FC1835
4Glenview Stars1832
5Grange Utd.1826
6Strand Celtic Res.1825
7Leitrim Villa1825
8Western Rovers1817
9Aclare Celtic1815
10Real Tubber Res.181

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