Wicklow League Division 2 2009/2010
Last Updated 24 May 2010

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Form Table (Last 6 weeks)PldPtsAvg
1Avonmore FC (A)10282.8
2BBK United9212.3
3Fassaroe YC (A)10202.0
4Newtown United (B)10202.0
5Celtic Stars6101.7
6Roundwood FC8111.4
7East Coast Albion791.3
8Seaview Wanderers791.3
9Ballywaltrim FC671.2
10St Anthonys (B)870.9
11Redbank United960.7
13Arklow United (B)96-2.7

Predicted Final TablePldPts
1Avonmore FC (A)2459
2BBK United2449
3Fassaroe YC (A)2446
4Seaview Wanderers2445
5Celtic Stars2442
6Newtown United (B)2440
7Roundwood FC2439
8Ballywaltrim FC2436
9St Anthonys (B)2422
10East Coast Albion2421
11Redbank United248
12Arklow United (B)240

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